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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in 10eurobusiness. Below are answers to the most frequent questions we receive from job seekers and Buyers of different services across the Globe. If, after reviewing this section, you still have questions or seek additional information, please email us at

Is this service free?

Yes! 10eurobusiness is free for the providers of jobs and services and for the buyers of the like.

Should I register to post a job?
Yes! You will have to register for 10eurobusiness since we have to know who we are paying.

How do I know if the jobs/services I have posted are required by a client?
It is up to the buyer to notify or enquire a job based on his requirements.

How do I view a more detailed job/service description from the listings that come up during my search?
By clicking on the Job/service Title, you should see the details of what can be done.

What should I do if I find a job/service I am interested in?
When you see a service that you would like to buy, click on the provider Information for contact details.

How many jobs/services can I post? And how often?

You can post as many jobs/services as you need, whenever you want.

When can I start posting jobs/services?
At once after registration.

When will my posting appear on your site?
Your ad will be viewable to all users immediately.

How do I renew, edit or delete my job postings or company information?
After successfully logging in, your current postings should be visible on the left hand section of your screen. You may now change any information you wish to. Be sure to hit the Submit button when you are finished in order to process your changes.

What if I forgot my password and login?


Is my registration information viewable by job seekers?
Yes! They should contact you somehow.

What can I sell?

The purpose of is to serve the small business segment. In other words you will be able to sell whatever this business related segment will need and buy. Use your imagination, but you should of course consult our list of jobs in the “Job categories” found on the home-page.

Can I upload a file?

Yes! You can upload any sort of file from your computer. We have a file size limit of (.) MB, per product.

What can I price a product?

Using traditional pricing, you can price a product for as little as €10, and as much as €50.  However as the dialogue between seller and buyer develops, it might end with a price involving “2-3 jobs”  to satisfy the specifications the buyer put forward.

How can people pay?

For the moment buyers have to use PayPal to pay for the jobs. We will soon add new payment options, like Skrill etc.

I’m not in Europe. Can I use 10eurobusiness?

Yes. 10eurobusiness supports deposits to accounts in over 190 countries.

What is 10eurobusiness’s cut?

The fee  is approximately 20%. We deduct 15% of the sales after the payments transaction fee is deducted. The transaction fee included is 3,4% plus a fixed sum, meaning that you pay a fraction more than 20% for the the 10 Euro sales, and some less when your price is higher.

There are no setup fees or monthly monthly fees.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid on request once your balance exceeds 20 Euro.

How do I refund my customers?

We allow you to issue refunds to your customers in real-time, right from your dashboard.

How secure is 10eurobusiness?

Our site is secured with different extra plugins to avoid  being hacked.  And as we do not store any vital data on your part, only your email and PayPal or Mpesa account addresses, there is no real risk involved for our members.

Where do i find the so called “Chat-box”?

The char box is for the dialogue between the seller and the buyer. When you have ordered or bought i job, and want to use the chat-box, you click on your Shopping in the  blue menu to the right after log in. Then you will see you job or order indicated under Pending, Under review or Completed. You then click on one of those options – where your relevant job is to be found. The the belonging chat-box will open.


Why is this FAQ so short?

Simple products come with short FAQs. Please send an email if you have a question that isn’t answered here.