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Our Concept

The site is built to be a market for jobs aimed at the small business sector in Europe, including the single start-ups. In other words wherever you are in world this could be your gateway to the European market.

It works like this:

If you have jobs or services to offer:

1. Register yourself at
2. Enter the title of your job and press> continue.
3. Price your job and select its category on this page.
4. Describe the job you will do.
5. Specify the number of days you will take to finish the job.
6. You can add an image if you have and then press; post a job at the bottom of the page.

The registration procedure work like this: You sign up filling in username and your email address. Quite soon you will receive an email with your password. This password is quite complicated and can – of course – be changed, as soon as you have logged in.

You are now ready to post your jobs – use your imagination to define jobs that will find demand according to our target groups.

The customer pays in advance, and a dialogue between the buyer and you the seller is opened.

Often that will lead to an extension of the original job as it is defined. Then the buyer will buy another “gig” or job from you, to get the work done to his specifications.

After you have delivered the job, the buyer will have to confirm that the job is completed, and also the buyer is asked to rate your performance.

You will be paid from us the – formally managed by a Norwegian company, Norvoice A.S.

The payment will be 80 % of the price of the job, as the site claims a 15% fee, and added up with cost of transfer it will amount to approximately 20%, somewhat less when the sum is higher.

Payments will normally be done to your PayPal account, but payment towards Mpesa could also be arranged. Other payment options could be Skrill or bank transfer.

There is a minimum sum required in your balance, before payment is done. For now that is 20 Euro, but might be changed or negotiated.

To buy jobs or services:

As soon as you have found the job/service you would want to buy, it is usually wise to send an inquiry to the seller you plan to buy from. This to make sure that there is no misunderstanding and also to clarify any crucial details that might be involved.

Next step then is to buy the job. You do that by clicking on the Buy now button and follow up by paying using your Paypal account.

Your payment is safe, as it is kept by us until your order is completed and confirmed buy you.

Sometimes a job have to be canceled, and then of course your payment is refunded, added to your balance as default.

As soon as the volume of our sales has reached a certain amount, we have to charge  buyers situated in Europe VAT. This could be up to 25% that will be added to the sales-sum. But as you know, the VAT is deductible if you are registered for VAT.

Get started!