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Why choose aims to give each one of you access to the European market, selling your services and digital products to the large segment of small business and single self-employed in Europe.

Why choose

1. Easy concept for the buyers. Compared to the traditional freelance er sites, the 10euroconcept offers a much simpler concept seen from the buyers point of view. A small business or a self-employed single person, will find it so much simpler to just pay a fixed sum for a well defined service, task or application without having to investigate or worry about the amount of hours his sought after job will demand.

2 Specialists cost less. The same buyer will also find reassuring to know that the seller has chosen just this service where he specialize to produce and deliver his product in a cost effective way.

3. Cost effective. As a seller or provider, you have to design and organize a service that you can produce and deliver with minimum costs involved. It is equally important that you describe you product well when posting your job. While doing that you should have in mind that your earnings will benefit if your concept easily will lead to an extension of the sale involving more than one sale or job.

4. Less competition; Some of the freelance sites have listed more than 1 million sellers and providers of services. The worlds biggest site have more than 7 million listed… You will not face that stiff competition at

Register now and post a job or two. We need a certain number of jobs before we start marketing the site. In a competitive world, you often get only one chance and it is important that when a new visitor come to the site, it will offer a sufficient range of jobs and services.

Our advice is to price your services or business at the 10 Euro mark to get customers. then during the dialogue with your customers there will be opportunities to define the extent and limitation of that 10 Euro service. Often that will result in selling more than one unit to deliver the project the way your customer want it according to his specifications.

Hope to see you soon!